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Prime Minister Imran Khan has told his cabinet that tackling air pollution is a priority and authorities have taken action to reduce pollution from brick kilns. Shahzad Qureshi, a Pakistani businessman who has turned his back on the idea, has taken the idea a step further by planting so-called urban forests. After hearing that Pakistan is getting hotter than anywhere else, some say it holds the heat record in Asia.

The sun shines quite frequently in Peshawar even in winter and reaches its maximum in May and June, but during the monsoon the sunshine decreases somewhat. The warmest months are the preceding monsoon months, however. June is very hot in the plains and hills at fairly high altitudes. It is expected to take one to two weeks for the 50 degrees + days in the summer months, with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.

I prefer the summer from June to September, but you can also choose April to October, considering that it can get cold at night.

If you are looking for the best time to visit Lahore for hot weather activities, the hottest months are June, May and then July. If you are looking for dry weather, November, December, then October is November and December then November. Based on the results on the beach and in the pool, this is a very warm time to visit Lahore, and in terms of value it is for me mid-October to late November. The best time to visit Lahore in hot weather and year-round activities is by the beach or pool.

Those who wish to avoid the cold months can choose between March and November, but the best time to visit the zones B, C and D where Karachi is located is December to February. From November to March, visit the areas that include Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad.

In the spring months, there is little rain, so you should take an umbrella with you in case of any eventuality. If you travel to Lahore during the monsoon season, you should bring umbrellas and waterproof shoes. It is far too hot to wear waterproof clothing, but if you are out and about in the summer, you can bring an umbrella and a waterproof shoe.

The rain acts as a remedy for the scorching heat and lowers the daytime temperature in summer more than in any other city. The humidity is getting higher and the temperature is very high, an average of 37 degrees, but if you look at the humidity, it feels hotter in the middle of the year. In autumn, the day highs will be between 93 and 5º F, and 24 will feel very comfortable in humidity and wind.

Put on your clothes, leave your umbrellas at home and bring shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket or jacket. In lower-lying areas such as Islamabad and Karachi, bring an umbrella, which is more useful in the north and at the foot of the mountains. So bring at least two pairs of trousers, two shirts and two jackets, as well as a hat and sunglasses.

The height depends on the warm clothing, so bring at least two pairs of trousers, two shirts and two jackets, as well as a hat and sunglasses. Bring shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket or jacket and bring an umbrella for the coldest parts of the day, such as the mountains and hills.

Farhat, maid Imamran Farhat (right) and her husband Umar Khan with their two children Faisal (left), 7, outside their home in Lahore, Pakistan.

The most popular epaper in Pakistan is the ePaper directory, which also contains weather forecasts, weather maps and weather information for different parts of the country. The route consists of three main routes: Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan.

In Lahore, the summer is short, muggy, humid and clear, and the winter is shorter, cool, dry and predominantly clear. In July and August the weather is often cloudy and the heat is muggy, although the coastal regions get a fairly steady breeze from the sea.

The pattern of sunshine in Islamabad is the same as in Peshawar, and the sun often shines even in summer. In winter, however, the sky is almost always clear and there is not an abundance of rain in Karachi. The sky during the monsoon season is cloudy, as are the skies in July, August, September, October, November, December and January.

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